Colmar, town full of beautiful cobblestone-lined streets


Staying in a quaint B&B in a French village near the German Border was a great way to enjoy the perfect vacation. Colmar is a town full of beautiful cobblestone-lined streets, delicious little cafes and restaurants, and renaissance-style architecture and homes.

The village is a majestic part of the Alsace Wine Route, and I arrived two days before the entertainments of the annual wine fair began. I wanted to discover more before the festivities, so I booked a spot on an Alsace wine tour for my first day. The tour took me through gorgeous vineyards, magnificent countryside scenery, and beautifully authentic villages on our way to the quality family-owned wineries of the region. I could taste the authentic, robust flavors in each vintage tasting and was happy that I had discovered this before the festival.

I awoke the next morning to a delicious breakfast and headed out to see the old town. I felt as if I was walking through a movie set. The old timber houses lining the crystal-clear canals with a flourished town center made for an amazingly picture-esque view. I continued to the district of ‘Little Venice’ and was not disappointed. I decided I needed to learn more about the culture of this beautiful town and visited the Unterlinden Museum. Here I found the magnificent Issenheim Altarpiece alongside some other impressive artworks. I filled the rest of my day in the Marche Couvert; a beautiful little flea market full of unique stalls, and eagerly awaited what tomorrow had in store for me.

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