Happy and cold, all at the same time!

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3 min readOct 15, 2021

Never in my life had I thought I could be this happy and cold, all at the same time! My trip to Tromso will truly be a memorable one. I arrived a few days ago, mid-winter in one of the northernmost parts of the world. The sun lasts about 2 hours at this time of year, and the rest of the day feels like nighttime.

I spent my first day here on a ‘chasing the lights’ tour. These tours take you out of town away from the city so you can see the clear night sky. We arrived at a gorgeous little hut in the middle of nowhere, that served us stories, hot cocoa, and wine all night as we awaited the lights. Unfortunately, there was no light show that evening, although spending the night watching the stars and adjusting to the cold was a perfect start to my adventure. I say night, although the tour actually started in the afternoon, just after sunset.

The next day I jumped on a bus that took us out to see the huskies. I was so excited to see them and jump on one of the sleds. Our group was shown how the huskies live, how they are taken care of, and how much they love to run! As the trainers began tacking up the dogs, you could feel the excitement in the air. The dogs all began barking and howling in anticipation of their daily exercise. After tacking, we were divided into pairs and given a set of dogs, a sled, and an instructor. We were to head out with one of us driving and one of us huddled in the warmth of the sled. On the way back, we could switch. I was taught how to STOP, GO, and SLOW DOWN, and then I was off. Feeling the pull of the dogs and the freezing wind on my face, I have never felt more alive.

On my third day in Tromso, I had booked a snowmobile tour, and I couldn’t hold back my excitement when stepping off the bus that took us to the sight. Our group was given instructions, and everyone, from novices to pros, was made to feel comfortable with what we were about to partake in. We began on an easy section of the trail to test our skills before heading out into this winter wonderland. We sped along mountain trails and through icy forests, only stopping to take a quick snapshot of this picturesque scenery.

Now, here I sit in a local bar, warming myself by the crackling open fire, hoping my last day will bring me luck. I have been told it is a clear night, so those elusive, breathtaking lights should be out in full force, and I may get a chance to see them on the Reindeer Sledding tour I have booked. Either way, I am sure my last adventure here will be another enjoyable and unique experience, as everything has been in this amazing city of Tromso.

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