When I first heard about the Iguazu Waterfalls and decided I had to see them for myself, I didn’t realize I would be visiting the largest waterfall in the world. Made up of hundreds of viewpoints looking out over many different waterfall areas, the Iguazu falls truly took my breath away with their magnificence. The waterfalls are made up of hundreds of large and small falls, and span across the border of Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil, with each country offering a unique view and experience.

I started touring the area from the Argentinian side, Puerto Iguazu and spent the day exploring the many trails to try and find the perfect view. Little did I know that I would discover numerous charming, picturesque hidden alcoves of waterfalls along the way, and experience one of the most thrilling boat rides of my life. After being warned that being soaked by the falls was a guarantee, I was strapped into a speed boat with maybe 20 other thrill-seekers, and off we went. Experiencing the roar and power of these waterfalls up close and personal was an electrifying experience and I would heavily recommend this riveting ride to all who pass through.

After ringing out my clothes in an attempt to dry off, I continued along the Paseo Garganta del Diablo trail that led me to the Devil’s Throat, the highest and deepest point of Iguazu. I was in awe. This platform was periodically drenched with a back-spray from the powerful falls and was covered in a thin mist for most of the time I was here. Occasionally this would clear, and I was confronted with the most breath-taking view of my life. Looking out over this gorge of running water and mountainous surroundings, where few trees clung to the edges of the falls, holding on for dear life, I was astonished. Mother nature had never been as awe-inspiring as it was for me at this moment. I was lost for words. Pictures failed to capture the magnificence of the thunderous Iguazu Falls, and I was dismayed to have to turn around and leave for the night.

Unfortunately, I never reached the Paraguay entry, although the experience along the Brazilian border was just as wondrous and awe-inspiring. Although there are fewer waterfalls at the Foz de Iguazu, the Brazilian side, I was able to hire a helicopter with 4 other tourists and encounter the falls in a completely different way. Being able to get a birds-eye-view of the landscape allowed me to see the full depth and breadth that encompasses the Iguazu waterfalls. I noticed what a small fraction of the park I had spent an entire day discovering and trekking. That feeling of reverence and awe I had experienced yesterday, looking out over the Devil’s throat, magnified and increased ten-fold. I saw just how magnificent this place was, and realized that I would jump at the chance to come back and continue to discover the mystical, majestic Iguazu Waterfalls.

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