Key Largo


Key Largo is the northernmost isle of the Florida Key archipelago, and it is on this beautiful island paradise that I have been lucky enough to enjoy the last week of my holiday. I was shocked with all this tiny island had to offer and I enjoyed a great week of fun in the sun.

The first day, I booked a glass-bottomed boat tour to get my first glimpse of ocean life. I must admit, I was nervous. It was a strange feeling to be standing atop a gorgeous coral reef and watching the fish swim by on their daily routines. It was here I realized I needed a closer look. As soon as I returned, I booked a snorkeling tour for my second day. The unique private snorkeling lessons I found were an amazing adventure of discovery. I saw hundreds of species of fish that I couldn’t begin to name, stingrays, turtles and I even saw a reef shark swimming close by! I couldn’t get enough of the ocean and I knew how I wanted to spend the rest of my week.

That evening, after relaxing on the crystalline beach in front of my hotel, I began to fill my week with all the amazing water activities available to me here in paradise. I decided to do one tour a day, including my mangrove tunnel adventure, Jet skiing tour, paddleboarding lessons, and sunset cruise. On my last day, I visited the Island’s local dolphin care center and was devastated to be leaving this gorgeous, tropical paradise I had discovered.

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