London, what a city


I wish I had more time in London to explore its gorgeous, cobble-stoned streets, unique shopping areas, and impressive attractions. The city truly never sleeps, and the beautiful red double-decker buses and black, tourist, hackney cabs filled the streets as if from a storybook.

When I first arrived in London, I wasn’t sure of what this city had to offer me. I knew of tours that took me out of the city, to the surrounding quaint villages and historic castles, but I wasn’t sure if staying in the city was the right choice. Well, was I glad to be wrong. I was staying in a beautiful hotel in the region of South Bank, quite a central place for all I wanted to see. Just down the road was one of the many stops of the tube, and whilst some people find the system intimidating, it was quite simple once I figured it out. I got a pass that covered my whole visit, so I could take as many trips in the wrong or right direction as I wanted. With my first experience on the tube on my first day, I thought I would see some attractions that didn’t have any time constraints. This way, I could truly get lost and enjoy myself. I found the Camden Markets and spent more than I would care to admit on wares and delicious street food. I then discovered the Tower of London, Big Ben, and Trafalgar Square all with relative ease, and was amazed to be looking upon these infamous attractions. By the time I had found the gigantic London eye, it was evening, and a ride to the top was a must. The city sparkled on the River Thames, and I knew London held an abundance of magic, waiting to be discovered.

My second day, I awoke early to get a front-row seat at Buckingham palace and watch the wonderfully interesting changing of the guard. From here, I wandered through the majestical Westminster Abbey, and onto a childhood love of mine, Paddington Station. This adventurous little bear filled my childhood with the hope of adventure, and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing his station. There was a statue of Paddington on the platform, and I loved getting some selfies with my favorite character. I purchased some memorabilia from the gift shop and continued to the Paddington Basin Bridges. These moving pieces of art were a magical sight, where I was lucky enough to stumble on one of the periodical daily shows. I was surprised at how beautiful this artwork was, and found it hard to move on.

The next day, I hopped back on the tube and headed to another movie favorite of mine — Notting Hill. Here, I explored antique bookshops, bustling markets, interesting museums and found a quaint, delicious restaurant for an evening meal. I could have spent days here discovering all this neighborhood had to offer, but alas my bed awaited, to give me enough energy for the many more sights I still had to experience around London.

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