O’ahu. What an island


I arrived relatively late to this Hawaiian wonderland and had my first experience of the culture here in Chinatown, Honolulu.

I found some delicious and unique bites to satisfy my grumbling tummy and enjoyed the nightlife this part of town offered. For my first full day, I had an all-day Grand Circle Island and Haleiwa tour booked. The comfortable bus took me to hidden, beautiful island scenery which I couldn’t have discovered on my own. Diamond head was one of my favorite spots on the tour.

Magnificent oceanic views and panoramic island scenery were just waiting to be admired. The Halona Blow Hole was an impressive rush, and the plantations, farms, and rainforests were truly breathtaking. I had my first introduction to the North-shore surfing beaches and was given a wonderful opportunity to discover the gorgeous town of Haleiwa.

I really felt I had seen so much of the island, this tour gave me a great starting point to plan the rest of my trip. The next day I decided to sign up for some surfing lessons and realized all the fun the beach had to offer. After my lessons had finished, I enjoyed an exhilarating Parasailing ride, right on the waterfront!! I could barely admire the amazing views as my heart was pumping and I was soaring above the beach. I had planned to go to my first luau that night but decided to reschedule it for the following evening after I had enjoyed a relaxing day taking in the sand, surf, and sun.

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