The Temple of Horus at Edfu


I never expected myself to end up in this little Egyptian town bordering the Nile. The city of Edfu is home to one of the best-preserved temples in Egypt. The Ptolemaic Temple of Horus (along with some of the city’s other ancient ruins) took up the whole of my first day in Egypt, as I wandered, explored, and learned more about this beautifully ancient culture.

The Ptolemaic Temple of Horus was rumored to hold an aviary of birds in ancient times for the Egyptian God (Horus, of course!). The roof is still intact; almost unheard of in these parts and I was curious to find out why. Apparently, the temple is so well preserved due to the desert sand that filled the temple after the pagan cult was banned.

It is truly an amazing part of history, and the stories that remain visible on the walls here are a wonder. They almost made me want to learn how to read ancient Egyptian! I spent the rest of my day exploring Edfu’s other wonders, including the tombs of El Kaab, Kanais, and Gibel Silsila, which were just as awe-inspiring in their own ways. The main reason I had decided to stay in this beautifully antiquated, quaint city was my plans for the coming day. Just 3 miles (5km) south of the city lies a group of seven unique ancient pyramids. I had booked a local tour guide and was ready to discover all the secrets of this ancient world that was such a short distance away!

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