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Empowering women to build confidence and friendships through travel

  1. Research your travel destination before your go.
  2. Don’t tell strangers that you are traveling alone.
  3. Be aware of common scams and unsafe areas.
  4. Never share your location on social media.
  5. Share your itinerary and current location with family or closest friends.
  6. Don’t keep all cash and cards in same place.
  7. Try to arrive during the day.
  8. Watch your drink.
  9. Don’t get drunk.
  10. Write down your accommodation address and other important information and keep them with you. Never depend on your phone.
  11. Dress and act like a local.
  12. Have a copy of your passport, visa, insurance, tickers and reservations.
  13. Try to…

Use social travel apps

Travel apps like Travel Ladies or Couchsurfing Hangouts allow you to see nearby travelers wanting to hang out around the city or have lunch. It’s the easiest way to meet other travelers around you.

Use dating app

Popular dating apps like Bumble BFF or Tinder provide great way to meet locals while traveling. Just remember to be honest up front about why you’re on the app and that you do not live in the local area.

Take part in free walking tours

Free walking tours are a special kind of tours in which the price is not set. You are going to spend a couple hours with other travelers…

Solo Female Travel

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